Kek-Gardner Plough (Plow) Mixer for High Energy and High Shear Rapid Mixing

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixers are high energy mixers for the ultra-rapid mixing of powders and pastes.

Gardner Plough Mixer

Gardner Plough Mixer

- mounted on mobile support frame

Gardner Plough Mixer

Gardner Plough Mixer

- fitted with 3 x side intensifier

Gardner Plough Mixer

Gardner Plough Mixer

- fitted with side access doors

Gardner Plough Mixer

Gardner Plough Mixer

- fitted with liquid addition system

Gardner Plough Mixer

Gardner Plough Mixer

- fitted with heated spray system

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixers


 Features Include:

  • High Speed Batch Mixer
  • Range from 50L (1.75 cu. ft.) to 25,000L (880 cu. ft.)
  • Optional Side Intensifiers or Choppers
  • Ideal for Breaking Up Lumps and Agglomerates
  • Rapid Dispersal of Minor Ingredients

Plough MixersKek-Gardner Plough Mixers

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixers are high energy, high-shear and high speed mixers for powders, granules and pastes.

These horizontal batch mixers utilize a high-shear plough agitator which imparts a high-energy mixing action into the materials, resulting in extremely short mixing time.

In addition, the high-shear action has the ability to break lumps and agglomerates and cut-in waxy and fatty solids.

Additional shear and impact energy is gained 6 fitting side intensifiers or choppers into the side of the mixing trough.

Plough MixerTypical features include:

  • High Shear Plough Agitator
  • Short Aspect Ratio Mixing Trough
  • Optional Side Choppers
  • Large bomb-door discharge

Plough MixerCustom Design

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixers can be customized and adapted to suit the varying demands of individual applications.

 These typically include:

  • Increased shear energy from side intensifier or chopper
  • External jackets of the mixer trough for heating or cooling the mixer contents
  • Pressure and vacuum capable vessels for drying, heating, cooling and sterilizing processes
  • Liquid addition facilities, including pressure spraying, atomizing and gravity sparge pipes.
  • Range of various materials of construction

Plough MixerApplications

Gardner Plough Mixers are best used where a process requires high levels of mix energy to achieve fast and efficient blends of materials.

Typical applications include:

  • Extending and dispersion of pigments and dyes in carrier bulk powders
  • Cutting of oils and solid fat into dry bakery mixes
  • Liquid addition to powders, especially where agglomerates may form
  • Granulation of powders
  • Glycerin soap mixing


Gardner Plough Mixers can be used in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.