Kek Kibbler for Heavy Duty Lump Breaking and Deagglomeration of Powders and Granules

Kek Kibblers are heavy duty lump breakers with the built-in screen classification to ensure consistent
milled particle size range.

Milled Particle Size Range - 150 mm to < 2-3 mm

Kek M305C Kibbler

Kek M305C Kibbler

- mounted on mobile support frame

Kek M305C Kibbler

Kek M305C Kibbler

- with cantilever shaft and showing easy access to screen and rotor

Kek M305 Kibbler

Kek M305 Kibbler

- acting as pre-breaker before a Kek Cone Mill

Kek M303C Kibbler

Kek M303C Kibbler

- with feed hopper and discharge chute

Kek 305 Kibbler

Kek 305 Kibbler

- showing easy access side door

Kek M203C Kibbler

Kek M203C Kibbler

- with easy access door and vacuum take-off discharge

Kek M305 Kibbler

Kek M305 Kibbler

- with H.D. drive and feed hopper

Kek Kibblers

Features Include:

Heavy Duty Lump Breaker & Pre-Breaker Slow-Speed, High Torque Size Reduction

  • Cantilever Shaft Design Available
  • Quick Screen Changes
  • Screen Provides Particle Size Control
  • Minimal 'Fines' generation

How It Works

Kibbler How it WorksKek Kibbler is a slow-speed, high-torque coarse grinder for heavy duty delumping and pre-breaking applications.


  • Strong and Robust Construction
  • Minimal ‘Fines’ Generation
  • Minimal Heat Generation
  • Control of Milled Particle Size Through Screen Selection
  • Low Noise Operation

Product Range

Kek KibblerKek Kibblers are available in 4 sizes to suit operation from pilot plant installation through to applications of over 100 tons/hour.


Model Throughput Scale-up Cantilever Request Data Sheet
M203 0.25 On Request
M303 0.5 DS512
M305 1.0 DS446
M311 2.0   DS464

Kek Kibbler CantileverDesign Options

Customized Design

Kek Kibblers are fully customizable to suit the process, environment, cleaning and installed conditions.

These include:

  • Cantilever Shaft With No End Bearing or Seal
  • Hinged Access Doors
  • Pressure Rated Design for Inline ApplicationsTest Center Kek Kibbler
  • Various Feed and Collection Ancillary Products
  • Various Drive Configurations

Kek KibblerApplications

Kek Kibblers are versatile, heavy-duty grinders and pre-breakers with typical applications including:


Breaking of soft to medium hard agglomerates in feed material.


Pre-grinding of larger lumps of medium-hard material to a milled size that can then be further reduced to a powder in fine grinders.

Coarse Grinding

Grinding of large lumps of medium-hard materials to less than 3mm pieces.