Kemutec has been supplying Processing Equipment and Components to the Powder Industry for over 50 years, specializing in:

  • Sifters and Screeners
  • Mills and Grinders
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Valves and Discharge Aids

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Food Industry
Typical Kemutec Applications in the Food Industry are:

Food Applications

Sifting and Screening

  • Flow Sifting
  • Ingredient Check Sifting
  • Dairy Powders
  • Bakery Mix de-lumping and final dressing

Milling and Grinding

  • Pre-breaking of Lumpy Ingredients
  • Cookie Rework
  • Chocolate Block Grinding
  • Dairy Powder Deagglomeration
  • Bread Crumbing
  • Sugar Grinding - 6x, 10x and 12x grades
  • Rice Flour
  • Spice Grinding
  • Gluten Grinding

Mixing and Blending

  • Brown Sugar Mixing
  • Fat and Flour Bakery Mixes
  • Spice Blends With Oils
  • Tea Blending

Chemical Industry
Typical Kemutec Applications in the Chemical Industry are:

Chemical Applications

Sifting and Screening

  • Nylon Flock Deagglomeration
  • General Fine Powder Classification
  • Powder Deagglomeration

Milling and Grinding

  • De-lumping of Bulk Chemical 
  • Detergent Tablet Rework
  • Color Extension of Dye Powders in Blends
  • Sulfur Grinding
  • Toner Powders
  • Dye Powders

Mixing and Blending

  • Color Blends
  • Polymer Pre-Mixes
  • General Powder Blending

Pharmaceutical Industry

Typical Kemutec Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry are:

Pharmaceutical Applications

Sifting and Screening

  • Check Sieving of Bulk Pharmaceuticals
  • Classification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Milling and Grinding

  • Wet and Dry Granulation
  • Tablet Reclaim
  • Ingredient Deagglomeration and Delumping

Mixing and Blending

  • Granulation of Powders
  • Batch Powder Blending
  • Homogenization of Small Batches into Large Batches

Environmental Industry

Environmental Applications

Kemutec offers Powder Mills for the fine grinding of Dry Sorbent Powders in the flue gas desulphurization process.

By grinding the sorbent the surface area is greatly increased, realizing more surface area for more effective neutralizing of the sulphur gasses.

The result can be much lower sorbent usage.

Typical applications are:

Kek Universal Mill

  • Trona - Grinding to a D50 average particle size of 15 to 20μ
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - Grinding to D50 average particle size of 12 to 18μ

PPS Air Classifier Mills

  • Sodium Bicarbonate - Grinding to D50 average particle size of 5 to 10μ.