Exciting News regarding Kemutec from Process Components

In addition to the well known Mucon range of products, Process Components Ltd has been the manufacturer and supplier of spares and components under our other trade marks of Kek, Gardner, and PPS since 2009. These have been successfully sold globally both directly and through our distribution partners, including our own US-based subsidiary, Kemutec Inc.

New Mucon Rotalog Brochure

The Mucon ROTALOG Rotary Paddle Level Indicator is designed to signal the presence or absence of bulk materials such as powders, chips, granules and pellets.

Mucon SDP Shut-Off Valve for Metal Powders

A leading supplier of metal powders, semi-finished products and components made from tungsten, molybdenum and phosphor came to Kemutec's Mucon division looking for a shut-off valve solution for their demanding applications. The customer was looking to replace existing shut-off valves that had reached the end of their life cycle.

Kemutec Appoints New Operations Manager

October 9, 2015 - Bristol, PA - Kemutec Group Inc. is pleased to announce that Steve Mines has been appointed as Operations Manager at its Bristol, PA facility.

Business As Usual at Kemutec

October 5, 2015 - Bristol, PA - Following recent announcements in the media and to avoid any confusion in the market place, Kemutec is pleased to announce that “It is Business as Usual”.

Free Registration to Process Expo and Pack Expo

We would like to extend an invitation to Process Expo, September 15-18, 2015 and Pack Expo, September 28-30, 2015 - FREE REGISTRATION!

The Engineering Marvel

Sometimes things rise up out of pure necessity, and sometimes intelligent people sit back and simply build a better mouse trap.

Mucon Product Training Seminar - 2015

Kemutec's Mucon Sales Team receive award at Mucon product training seminar in Prague.

Mucon Develops a Superior Slide Gate Valve - Frac Sand

When presented with the challenge of designing a Slide Gate Valve for the arduous and demanding duty of handling Frac Sand, Mucon responded by developing a technically superior solution.

Mucon JS Valve - Free Flowing Beer

Craft Brewers are known for their unique ability to create a product from traditional and non-traditional ingredients producing a harmony of complex flavors. When faced with the challenge of carefully dispensing grain from a bulk bag container into a new brewing line BridgePort Brewing Company enlisted the creative ingenuity of the Mucon JS Iris Diaphragm Valve.

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