A Simple Guide to Sifter Selection

In a world full of differing dry powder sieving technologies, how do you determine the most appropriate equipment for your specific application? What follows is a simple, short descriptive guide to sifter selection for the most popular sieving technologies for dry bulk solids.

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixer and Centrifugal Sifter Keep Orchard Valley Foods in the Mix

Kek-Gardner Plough Mixer and Centrifugal Sifter provides flexibility while meeting exact standards.

Mucon VE Oyster Compact Series Valve

The basic design of the sanitary butterfly valve used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries has remained essentially unchanged for a number of years. There are a number of detail differences between the products proposed by different manufacturers, and a series of considerations which determine the suitability of such a valve.

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Look for us at the leading powder/dry particulate processing, handling and packaging expo this September!

Video - Kek-Gardner Cone Mills

The Kek-Gardner Cone Mill is an intermediate energy mill and one of the most versatile six reduction machines in the powder processing industry.

Kemutec Spare Screens

Kemutec supplies spare sifter screens

Video - Kek-Gardner Centrifugal Sifter

Recognized as the leading high capacity sifter, the Kek-Gardner Centrifugal Sifter provides unparalleled performance and benefits to operators who expect the best.

NEW PRODUCT - Mucon DSV Double Flange Slide Gate Valve

Building on the success of its low cost SV range of single flange slide gate valves, Mucon was keen to develop

Flexibility and Productivity In Fine Dosing with the VE Oyster Composite Dosing Valve

It is a common requirement in powder and granule pack-off systems to fill containers to tight tolerances. Typically this might be 25 or 50kg target weight +/ 50g.

Mucon Series K Iris Diaphragm Valve for Cleanroom Pass-Thru

International Biotechnology Center (IBC) Generium, Volginskiy, Russia carry out their research and development of molecular and cell biology in the most stringent of Cleanrooms. IBC Generium had a requirement to temporarily pass pipes through the walls of their Cleanrooms

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